With the growing technology and awareness regarding the methodology of imparting education, homeschooling is being more appreciated and implemented. Homeschooling is no longer perceived as the resultant of strict parents ideologies or based on some vague religious belief. Parents around the world are starting to see its characteristics benefits and are inclined towards adopting it for their kids from the start. Homeschooling kids from their star offer many advantages like customized curriculum, enhanced understanding ability, choice of doing what interests an individual, etc.

You have successfully homeschool your child in the elementary years, but there is a crippling fear in your mind thinking about middle school and high school. Will homeschooling a middle schooler and high-schooler be as easy? How will I find the right teacher? How shall I plan the curriculum for tough subjects like science, maths, etc.?

There is an odd assumption spread among parents of middle-schoolers and high-schoolers that they cant enroll their teenage kids into homeschooling since children might have trouble adjusting from schooling to homeschooling or they might find it tough adjusting with the homeschooling communities of the area. But instead, homeschooling teenagers for the first time offers several benefits :



  • Unlike the one fits all approach of private or public schools, homeschooling can be customized per the learning style of an individual kid. The one-on-one time facilitates better understanding and enhances productivity.
  • Not all, but most teenagers have a tough time dealing with the bullying, peer pressure, fear of failure, over-competitiveness. Homeschooling eliminates the possibility of such obstructive thoughts.
  • Homeschooling middle and high schoolers can give them the freedom to pursue their interest seriously like join a theatre, drama class, art schools or even doing an apprenticeship, volunteering, etc. Since they have time to give their full attention to what interests them, they have the opportunity to try their hand in multiple sectors.
  • High school years are the time kids get to learn independently. The practice of learning everything on their own: from doing homework, to solving problems for critical questions, etc., homeschooling makes them take holding over their daily routine which further helps them in college. Independent learning practiced in these formative years can become a lifelong learning habit.
  • Unlike the common misunderstanding that homeschool is not a real school and the kid won’t be able o get into a college, a child enrolled in homeschooling finds it easy getting a diploma an have better employment prospects owing to their solid work ethics.
  • A homeschooled high-schooler can also apply for admission in colleges with the help of their parents.


  • Kids in middle schools start becoming inquisitive about everything around them and that includes the beliefs and faith. Inculcating lessons on faith and worldview in homeschooling will accustom them with challenge and provide them the confidence to face them.
  • Since its a growing age, teach your kids about how the human body changes as they grow. Talk to them about various developments and the positive changes. Teach the kid about social skills, necessary to stand ground in the society. Enlightening them on these topics for overall growth is imperative.
  • Moving forward with classes means an increased number of subjects and an enhanced profoundness in the subject matter. This becomes more crucial in high school. Parents should check for the list of mandatory subjects, required to graduate in their respective state.
  • For a high-schooler, plan a curriculum, concerning the career goals, college admission requisites, and systemized tests.
  • Parents of high schoolers can also look for homeschool friendly colleges and universities.

Planning homeschooling for middle-school and high-school students can be intimidating, but with tools and resources, any parents can pull off this difficult feat with ease and yield good results. If you are a parent thinking of the diverting to homeschool, you can seek help from online homeschooling services that will help you devise an adept customized curriculum for every grade and every subject.

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