How To Write Your Wedding Vows

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Your vows are sacred. They are promises that you make to your significant other that you intend on keeping for the rest of your life. If you want to be spontaneous, why not write your own vows? This allows you to tell your loved one exactly how you feel about them on your special day. When writing your own vows, it helps to have a way with words but you don’t have to be a poet. If you’re not the best at writing what you feel, seek inspiration by listening to songs, thinking back to the day you met, describing how you feel when you’re together, etc. Be sure to write down your ideas and keep them with you in case a new idea comes about.

How To Write Your Wedding Vows

If you still need some sort of boost, begin exchanging love letters with your fiance. Use these letters as inspiration when composing your vows.

Reading some of your old journals from the days when you began dating and acknowledge those feelings. Write about the way you feel and how your love hasn’t changed and will not change.

Another tip for finding inspiration is to flip through old photos of the two of you. Photos and home videos can take you back and help you remember anecdotes from the earlier stages of your relationship and possibly work them into your vows.

If you’re still stumped, ask relatives and friends for some ideas. Let them share their feelings with you about their significant other and see how you can relate.

You can also check out a few poetry websites to get inspiration on how to make your words work for you. You can also look up quotes on these websites and these can also help.

When writing your vows, add a touch of humor but keep in mind that this is your wedding, not a comedy routine. Also, it’d be smart not to bring up the storms that you have weathered throughout your relationship. Frankly, it’s nobody’s business but yours and it’s not the time or the place. It’s your wedding day. Keep your vows positive.

Once you’ve said your vows, they vanish in thin air and become precious memories. You can’t take them back to say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t be afraid to let tears of joys fall even if you stumble over a word or two. And don’t be afraid to let out a giggle when you get tongue-tied It’s your day and it’s a very important one. Be yourself and speak from your heart.

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